I'm not anywhere near a TV right now β€” Starbucks doesn't believe in college football β€” but I'm just going to go out on a limb and say that Erin Andrews interviews Charlie Weis on College GameDay. Totally a wild guess. Now, on with Hugh II: And the Nedyssey Continues...

Erin Andrews, still disconsolate from the Pat White debacle last night, can still seek comfort beneath the gunt of Charlie Weis. β€” Chad Sexington

Purdue's team is so white they make Notre Dame look like Irish Catholics.β€” twoeightnine

Cue Token "Erin Andrews is the hottest woman in Indiana" joke β€” liquidwisdom33

Erin Andrews : Charlie Weis :: Princess Leia : Jabba the Hutt β€” colbypkp678

These ESPN announcers are treating Notre Dame like a retarded child. Purdue is undefeated and Notre Dame is winless, yet all they can talk about is how much Notre Dame is improving. I'm surprised they haven't commended Jimmy Clausen for putting his pads on properly. β€” I Heart Poop


I'm fairly certain that the guy with the "Fire Nutt" sign at GameDay is doing the Lord's work. β€” The Hog Blogger

Saw Florida students using science to evaluate Tim Tebow's arm on Gameday. Why bother? Everyone knows Tebow is the proof intelligent design advocates have sought for years. β€” Signal to Noise


So thank you, Jim Delany, for not showing the Michigan game on basic cable TV. On this day, I will not shout expletives in your general direction. β€” AsInHowe

Sign in the background of college gameday: "Herbstreit is hot but corso is morso".....uh what?β€” scottyyb83


The Nedyssey continues until 4 p.m. What's that AOL IM again? NCAA Deadspin.