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"It's Hard To Watch An NFL Team Struggle With The Most Basic Concept": Jets-Titans, In Three GIFs

Tennessee 14, New York Jets 10: That quote comes courtesy of Mike Tirico, one play before the two minute warning and the Jets, as they have all season, were having a hard time calling plays and getting personnel on the field in time. It sums up the Jets just as aptly as that GIF up there, which is your season anthropomorphized, Jets fans: knocked down almost immediately, and hard. Somehow, against all odds, the team manages to collect itself to get ready to make a run at glory and then, well, you know the rest.

The Jets offensive philosophy can best be described as words that have not yet been dreamed up. I don't know what the fuck they're doing out there—they don't know what the fuck they're doing out there. One minute Sanchez actually completes a pass to his own man and the next thing you know Tim Tebow is in there doing his bob and weave behind the line of scrimmage. Or there's the false start penalty immediately followed up by a burned timeout because the play clock was running down.

Oh yeah, and the interceptions. The last one, his fourth, came with two minutes to go in the game—plenty of time to, you know, not throw some half-assed hail mary—and for some reason Mark Sanchez threw the ball 30 yards down the middle of the field, off his back foot, to a receiver who was outnumbered at least three-to-one.


Yet, somehow, there was that hope again. The Titans kicked an absolutely brutal 19-yard punt out of their own endzone, giving the Jets excellent field position on the tennessee 25 with just about a minute left. On the very next play Mark Sanchez fumbles the snap and Bilal Powell kicked it as he was shuffling over to pick up a defender and Tennessee recovered. It is actually a remarkable confluence of events when you think about it.

And just for good measure, here's another guy falling over while watching this travesty.

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