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It's Mutton Bustin' Chaos In Houston

The Texans and Jaguars don’t kick off until 1 p.m. EST today, but the hair-raising action is well underway in Houston. Mutton bustin’, America’s true past time where kids willfully and repeatedly eat shit while trying to cling to the backs of rampaging sheep, took over Houston’s stadium this morning. With seeding placement on the line, the Texans’ tilt should be one of the league’s few half-meaningful games today, so warming things up with these five-to-seven-year-olds smashing their faces into the turf counts as a double feature.

Muttons were busted, to be certain, and at one point five busters made a break for midfield and beyond, likely sending the already overwhelmed herders into a frenzy. Although there’s no bustin’ in the clip below, it’s mesmerizing when looped (and with sound on rivals much of Aphex Twin’s post-Syro output):


Note that this will not be Week 17's only helping of children flying into the ground — it’s also scheduled as the featured halftime entertainment for Denver’s season finale against the Chargers today. Keep your eyes peeled for more busted muttons.

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