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It's Oakland Athletics Appreciation Day In South Bend

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Well, North Dakota State lived up to their No. 1 ranking with a 27-21 win over Minnesota. Vanderbilt also completed the upset of No. 6 South Carolina 17-6. Alabama trounced Tennessee 41-17, Oklahoma escaped embarrassment with a 17-7 win of Iowa State, and Cincinnati continues to plummet with a 24-17 loss at Pittsburgh. A few of you caught wind of the Notre Dame spearmint uniforms, so I up and took pictorial evidence for you who don't get ... um, NBC. Meanwhile, Ohio State and Michigan State are battling, albeit unfairly, but the big game right now is Kentucky and Florida, And the Nedyssey Continues...

IU actually has a banner celebrating the Hoosiers' appearance in the 1993 Independence Bowl? Really? — Slothrop

There will be enough QB verbal fellatio during Florida-Kentucky to have the drool spill off of the TV screen. — Signal to Noise


Whoever the color guy is for this Oklahoma game, he just sang Olivia Newton-John's "physical" to inspire the Iowa State defense. Um...not that there's anything wrong with people in Iowa" — prestonseider

the camera man at the Iowa game just made some mother proud, as her daughter's bright, white panties were broadcast in hi-def across the globe — mrsmokeycloud

Syracuse vs. Buffalo to determine football superiority between my two alma maters. Damn I wish I went to D-1 schools. — DoctaJ716

Late in the third quarter of the Oklahoma-Iowa State game, the moron analyst said Oklahoma was playing "big-boy football" (i.e. power football) and then a couple of seconds later, "They're coming hard and they keep coming over your face." See...I always thought Iowa State took it up the ass, but I ain't investigating.— Ludacrisp


Holy Ugly, what is Notre Dame wearing? No way God allows them to win in that... — twsmith23

apparently USC is just now realizing that they didn't successfully enter the cheat code for unlimited timeouts — procras247


It's about 4 minutes into the game, and I already hate both Ohio State and Michigan State more than I did 10 minutes ago. — fraganhome

In the OSU/MSU game, Brad Nessler, after being complimented on his pink tie by Bob Griese, noted it was for "breast awareness month". — Yostal


I'm not sure how I feel about these sparkling Kentucky helmets. Are they planning to bedazzle their bball uniforms this year? — I Heart Poop

Bob Griese: I'll tell you one thing... ... ... *commercial break* Bob Griese, MASTER OF SUSPENSE!!! — The Seaward


And a thanks to Losers with Socks for video footage of last night's UL-UConn game, where the Huskies may have become the first team ever to signal for a fair catch and run the punt back for a touchdown.


That's all for Hugh II this week, and without a doubt it's certainly been the best Hughian installment I've ever done. Out of the ... two.

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