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It's Official: Baseball Is Worse Than Professional Wrestling

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Well, that's if you listen to former Minnesota Governor and feather-boa'd wrestler, Jesse "The Body" Ventura, who wondered why the Feds aren't going after Bud Selig like they did Vince McMahon.

Ventura, speaking on the online news program Your Turn, said the logic behind it just doesn't add up:

"My question is: They've now determined 104 baseball players failed their steroid test in 2003 – 104! They indicted Vince McMahon, why aren't they indicting Bud Selig?"


And Yahoo!'s Dan Wetzel thinks Ventura not only has a point, but suggests that Major League Baseball under Bud Selig might even be more detestable than the steroid-friendly, halcyon days of the WWE:

McMahon, who beat the conspiracy to distribute steroids charges in 1994, actually ran an honest operation compared to Selig. While Hulk Hogan may have claimed he was just "eating his vitamins," anyone over the age of 12 understood the entire thing was make-believe, just entertainment.

Not Selig. Not baseball. They clung to an illusion they either knew wasn't true or should've known wasn't true. When confronted repeatedly with facts that the game was a sham, they reacted at a glacial pace.

Selig is so surrounded by yes-men and so comforted by apologists in the media – or organizations willing to suspend anyone who mocks him – that he believes his own lunacy.

Obviously, this is in response to Selig's baffling defensiveness about his role in baseball's steroid era, where he acted shocked and appalled over public sentiments implicating him in the whole mess. Basically, WHY AREN'T PEOPLE CONGRATULATING ME FOR MAKING SO MUCH MONEY?, or something to that effect. Maybe Scott Van Pelt's characterization of him as pimp wasn't as far-fetched as it originally appeared?


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