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I love a good protest as much as the next person, but it seems that the bar has been set impossibly high for my home team, San Francisco. The Olympic Torch Relay makes its only North American appearance here on Wednesday, and because this is San Francisco, the world is expecting a protest on a grand scale; something so big that I'm afraid anything we come up with will just disappoint. The guys who climbed the Golden Gate Bridge on Monday (pictured) didn't help (video and more photos following the jump).

The relay will begin at AT&T Park and go for six miles along the waterfront, unless they change the route at the last minute. I'll be there, and if there's trouble I'm sure Will can provide bail (it's not like he hasn't had to do that with Daulerio enough times). Joining me will be the fine folks at Fan IQ, including the protest-minded 100 Percent Injury Rate, who may or may not have booze hidden on his person. Join us, if you're in the neighborhood. It could end up being the first Deadspin Pants Party held in jail.


Meanwhile, the IOC announced that it will meet on Friday and discuss whether the Torch Relay will be scrapped, both for this year and in future Olympics.

IOC president Jacques Rogge did not rule out the option of suspending or scrapping part of the relay, although most Olympic officials are opposed to such a move and Beijing organizers have vowed to go to the end. The torch relay has been disrupted in Greece, Istanbul, London and Paris by protesters opposed to China's policies in Tibet and overall human rights record. The torch relay is expected to end in mainland China on May 4.The Beijing Olympics start Aug. 8.

Here's the scheduled route.

But really, my only hope for this event is that Flamy shows up. That would make it a success.



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