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It's Raining Boxers! Hallelujah!

This man is Kelvin Davis, an American heavyweight boxer who was schedule to fight in New Zealand in a couple of days. He was out running across a bridge as part of his training and suddenly felt threatened by the oncoming cars. So ... he jumped off the bridge. It didn't work out well.

Promoter Dean Lonergan yesterday said Davis was fortunate to avoid being paralysed when landing on his back after "bizarrely" taking evasive action from oncoming traffic while out on a training run. "He got a fright from a car ... for whatever reason the cars started getting too close to him and he jumped over the side of the bridge. It's a freaky thing."

Davis was reportedly knocked out by the impact and when he recovered consciousness about two hours later the 29-year-old managed to climb on to the bridge and flag down a passing motorist.


The nationwide epidemic of boxers being spooked by traffic and leaping to a pile of rocks below is becoming almost as widespread as tennis stars and their rampant rabbit terror. Careful when you cross under a bridge, people; boxers are falling from the sky.

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