It's Raining (Very Fat) Men

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It happens every time we attend a game at Shea Stadium; inevitably a druken fat guy will topple onto us from the row above, causing us to break certain small bones. We don't even bother to sue anymore; we're used to it. But Ellen Massey, a Manhattan lawyer, is not so magnanimous. She's had enough.

A New York Mets fan has filed suit, contending a drunken, 300-pound man fell on her during the home opener at Shea Stadium and broke her back. Massey said that on April 9 she was in the second row of the right field upper deck near a "visibly intoxicated" man who was "acting in a rowdy, boisterous and dangerous manner for a long period of time." The man, who has not been found or identified, later "fell upon plaintiff causing her to sustain severe personal injuries," court papers said.

Yes, it's been quite a season so far at Shea. We recommend tearing down the whole place and starting over. Oh, wait ... right.


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