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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

We might make the argument that the most compelling figure in the NFL right now is Chicago Bears quarterback Rex Grossman. This is a guy who, at times — that is to say, during times that weren't in the last month-plus — has looked like a legitimate NFL quarterback, a guy who is a leader, as they say, whoever they are. But of late, he has made Bears fans pine for the days of Kyle Orton, which is very similar to us: We will always pine for the days of Kyle Orton.

The Bears have the best defense in football, home-field advantage throughout the playoffs and a rabid fan base that hasn't seen a Super Bowl in 20 years. So why is everyone constantly looking for another NFC team to step up and represent the conference? Because of Rex Grossman. Even when he wins, like he did last week, he terrifies anyone who wants to believe in the Bears in any possible way.

Tonight should be an easy one; the Bears face the Rams, and the Cubs-Cardinals rivalry this is not. The Rams are a shell right now, and everyone's putting up points on them too. So if Grossman can do it tonight? Maybe?


Anyway, if you're up for such matters, it's an open thread for you to do with what you wish. It might not be the best game, but we do love the Bears' and the Rams' uniform, and it's a couple teams from the Midwest, so that's something. Enjoy, everyone, if you dare.

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