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Yesterday, ESPN announced that its "Monday Night Football" team for 2006 will have Al Michaels and Joe Theismann in the booth. Michaels was a given, but the analyst job was up in the air. And it would be fair to say that Theismann who has a tendency to do to football analysis what Lawrence Taylor did to his leg — isn t necessarily the most popular choice.

· Will Is Right: This guy is the worst NFL analyst I have ever had the misfortune to listen to. During one game last season, we logged the amount of times he said, "I, me, and we." We stopped counting at 200 and we were still in the first half. Why did they settle for Theismann? This is the same guy who referred to himself in the first person when news of a marital infidelity on his part came to light. He said, "God wants Joe Theismann to be happy."
· Britt Schramm: To put in a guy who, in college, legally changed his name to rhyme with Heisman has gotta have an ego the size of Texas.
· Dirk Musclechops: What in the name of Zombie Jesus is ESPN thinking putting Al Michaels in the booth with fucking Joe Theismann for Monday Night Football. With the flagging ratings that MNF has suffered over the past decade I don t think putting the worst color-man in the business in the booth was the way too go.


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