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It's The Needle Of The Tiger

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What a heroic story, Rocky Balboa coming out of retirement to show us the power of the human heart and to remind us what it really means to be a champion, in the purest way possible. Go America, Go Rock, Go ... oh, well, we probably should have seen this coming.

[Sylvester Stallone] had originally been stopped by Customs officers on Saturday night after "prohibited" substances - believed to be a type of human growth hormone - were found in luggage at Sydney airport. The investigation was stepped up last night after the visit to his Sydney hotel room at 3pm (AEDT)yielded further evidence relating to the investigation over the importation of illegal substances.

Yesterday, a senior Customs source said the investigation was fast-tracked after occupants of Stallone's room at the five-star Park Hyatt Hotel were seen throwing items out of the window... It was rumoured Stallone may have been carrying bodybuilding drugs, banned in Australia.

We think the possibility that Rocky Balboa was on steroids as fitting a statement on the current sports planet as we can imagine.

Update On Rocky's Steroids [Steroid Nation]

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