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It's Time For Ohio State's Annual Butt Whupping

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Gee, it seems like it was just twelve months ago that tOSU was getting their Buckeyes kicked in by an angry SEC team in their bowl game. Oh wait, that was two years ago.

This year, the Big 12 gets their shot at embarrassing an entire conference, an entire state, and the spirit of decency and fair play by having their way with an over-matched Ohio State squad. Sure, it's not the national championship game this time and maybe Texas doesn't have that legendary Southern speed, but they do have a very, very large axe to grind. Completely dismantling Jim Tressel and his pampered freshman quarterback in the Fiesta Bowl, would be a nice way to take some of the air out of the Big Game on Thursday and remind the nation that they might be better than all your USCs and Floridas and (certainly) Oklahomas combined.

Not that you should avoid watching this pointless, drama-deprived blowout. I'm sure it will be very entertaining. Colt McCoy got an extra ticket for his girlfriend, right?


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