It probably won't surprise you that the guy pictured here receiving a very special kind of goring is from Philadelphia. Yes, it's time once again for the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain, where each year Darwin has himself a few laughs while thinning out the human herd. But this year, a twist: Animal rights activists are charging one way across the plaza de toros, while bulls and revelers are rushing from the other direction. Let's watch the fun!

Campaigners against bullfighting are planning to step up activities in an effort to mobilise the majority of Spaniards who claim to have no interest in the sport. Two groups, Equanimal and Igualidad Animal, have invaded Spanish bullrings for the first time, in a new tactic that they intend to repeat throughout the bull-fighting season. Previous protests have been limited to placard-waving outside the bullrings.

Meanwhile, nine people went down during the first day of the run — although none fatally — according to the Spanish Red Cross; an organization which most likely would not exist if not for this event.

As for the photo above, it's from last year's Pamplona run, and that bull now resides at the San Francisco Zoo.

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