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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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We are just two weeks out from the grandpuppy of them all, Puppy Bowl X. You can view all of this year's competitors here. Awww.

This year's edition features a new wrinkle. No, not a Shar Pei (that's a dog joke), but the ability to draft your own fantasy Puppy Bowl team. You get three players, and the scoring works thus:

5 points for a score
2 points for a tackle
2 points for a takeaway
-2 points for a penalty (usually peeing)


That's my team up there. I went with Ginger because she's part Sheepdog, and her herding instincts project well for the Puppy Bowl's end-to-end action. Delachaise is a Pit Bull mix, so you have to figure he won't be afraid to get in there and tussle. And Sparky's a scraggly, adorable mess—the Danny Woodhead of puppies.

You can draft your team here. (Requires Facebook login. Annoying, I know.) Pick your pups, and share your strategies for kennel domination below.

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