It's time to stop sleeping on the Colts

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The Colts celebrate following their 34-31 win over the Packers in Week 11.
The Colts celebrate following their 34-31 win over the Packers in Week 11.
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Are y’all finally done sleeping on Indy?

The Colts were very impressive on Sunday against Aaron Rodgers and the Packers. After squeaking out a three-point overtime victory, the Colts have officially woken up the entire league and shown that they are legitimate contenders.

It’s easy to overlook this team for multiple reasons, first of all, they play in Indianapolis, almost a forgotten city. Secondly, they have a creative offensive genius as a head coach in Frank Reich, who doesn’t make headlines, and lastly, they have an aging quarterback who has the athleticism and coordination of a newborn calf.

Yet, what many may not know, the Colts defense, led by HBCU product Darius Leonard, is the best in the league. After giving up 28 points to Rodgers and this offense in the first half on Sunday, this defense completely shut down the Packers’ offense, limiting them to only three points in the second half and overtime. Those three points came on the last drive of regulation as the Packers tied the game to send it to overtime. It was a dominant performance from the defense in the second half, and that’s what this team has been built on for the majority of the season.


The Colts defense ranks second in yards allowed per game (298.1), and fifth in points allowed per game (20.8), third in rushing yards allowed per game (89.2) and fourth in passing yards allowed per game (208.9).

What people also don’t notice is that this team has other playmakers on offense outside of T.Y. Hilton. Nyheim Hines is the perfect player to put alongside veteran QB Philip Rivers, Himes can get vertical and also serve as a check-down player who can turn a two-yard pass into a 12-yard gain. Rookie Jonathan Taylor was crucial for their ground game yesterday and has been productive all season, producing nearly four yards a carry.


What also makes this Indianapolis team so dangerous is the fact that they don’t have a true go-to guy in the passing game. Hilton is probably still their best receiver, but with Reich’s offensive innovation, they don’t have to force-feed him. Rivers completed passes to 11 different receivers on Sunday.

Despite having more holding calls than lawsuits filed against Donald Trump, Indianapolis was still able to hold on yesterday and beat a top NFC team after beating Tennessee to take the division lead last week.


Rivers finished the day throwing for 288 yards and three touchdowns, showing that he at least has a little bit of juice left in that arm to try to get this team to the promised land.

Nap town is not going to be slept on any longer. The Colts are Super Bowl contenders.


It’s time for the world to treat them that way.