We don't have an iPhone, because we're quite happy with our iPod and our cellphone being happy and separate, thank you very much. (Also: A little pricey.) Most people we know who have one tend to enjoy them, but they've had a bit of an issue with the lack of a keyboard.

When you combine this with Peter Gammons' recent report than baseball players are buying the iPhone like crazy, well, you've got an instant classic Dugout. The premise: Baseball players were having enough trouble typing as was.

Gammondorf: Yoi can type pretry well if you spend enougj timw typing yourt message. That last sentence toik me 25 mimutes.

pr0ff3ss0r_f4rnsw0rth: Htf is franswirth mclane supoosed to talk loke a jaded basass if it uppertcases all my thoights and wishers.

It makes sense, though, that the iPhone would be the way Manny Ramirez would truly be able to communicate his deeper nature.

The Star-Studded iPhone Spectacular [The Dugout]

(Photo via Seeking Alpha.)