For those who don’t know, Jay Briscoe was one-half of the defining tag team of Ring of Honor, being with the company for its entire existence and providing some of the most memorable matches, tag or otherwise, in wrestling anywhere.


It was even more jarring because Jay and his brother Mark Briscoe had just completed what is most likely the pinnacle of their career, their trilogy of matches with FTR that simply set the industry alight. Most would tell you they’re the three best tag matches anywhere ever, and had poised the Briscoes to bigger and better things.

The Briscoes certainly weren’t without controversy, which may have kept them off mainstream TV forever. Briscoe certainly made some hideous comments which he repeatedly apologized for, though the duo’s continued use of confederate flag imagery would cause anyone’s mileage to vary on how seriously they took their contrition. It certainly made them an uncomfortable watch for many fans.


Briscoe was also beloved by just about everyone they came across in the industry, which saw an outpouring of sorrow and love last night. It’s just how quickly it can go, from the top of one’s business, to gone forever.

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