Urban Beach Weekend starts today, but the Miami Beach cops were ready to party last night. Even though the police force has absolutely no quotas about how many young, recreation-seeking black people they're supposed to lock up over the holiday weekend, New York Knick/Zhejiang Golden Bull J.R. Smith got arrested on "a bench warrant for not having a valid driver's license." Since no additional charges were filed, presumably Smith did have a valid license on him yesterday. So how'd he get picked up, anyway?

Details were not immediately available on what led police to stop Smith around 8:30 p.m.

Not surprising. It's not easy getting details about police business in Miami Beach at this time of year. Be safe out there, everyone!

UPDATE: Howard Beck Tweets that it wasn't a traffic stop, as the Miami Herald reported, but that police "saw him inside a business." Make sure your identity papers are in order, folks.

Photo: The Miami Beach Police Department practice tactical moves in preparation for Memorial Day Weekend, via Getty