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J.T. Barrett Involved In Alleged Domestic Disturbance With Girlfriend

Police responded to a domestic disturbance Tuesday morning involving J.T. Barrett and his girlfriend, Alexandria Barrett-Clark, at the Ohio State quarterback's Columbus apartment

Fox 28 obtained a copy of the police report, which states that the argument started when Barrett asked Barrett-Clark to leave his apartment, and she refused. Barrett-Clark said Barrett then pushed her. There's more:

Barrett-Clark says she told Barrett that she would leave in the morning.

She told police that Barrett confronted her in his bedroom and "choked her on the bed." She said Barrett used his forearm to apply pressue to her neck before taking her phone away from her.

Barrett-Clark told police she managed to get away from Barrett and call police.


A copy of the report wasn't immediately available, but an officer from the Columbus Police Department said over the phone that officers took photos at the scene, and did not see any visible injuries. No one was arrested or charged.

Update (12:59 p.m.): The Columbus Dispatch has the 911 calls from Barrett and Barrett-Clark. Barrett calls to say his ex-girlfriend won't leave his place; Barrett-Clark says Barrett choked her and threw her across the room. Barrett-Clark also tells the dispatcher that she's pregnant.

Photo: AP

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