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He had the genes, the Aryan good looks, and the resources to become a top-flight college quarterback. If only someone had checked to see if John Elway's son ever cared about football in the first place.

Jack Elway has dropped out of the Arizona State football program, after sitting out all of last season as a redshirt. He's not transferring or changing sports and he's not hurt or going on a Mormon mission or anything like that. He's not even planning to drop out of Arizona State. He just doesn't want to play football anymore. I didn't know sons of former NFL legends were allowed to do that.


I guess poor Jack will just have to resign himself to the life of every other famous, well-off teenage student taking classes and admiring co-eds in the Arizona sunshine, instead of running wind sprints and taking cheap shots from second-team linebackers eight months a year. It's your funeral, pal!

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