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Notoriously overmuscled NFL referee Ed Hochuli has long been a popular figure with the gay sports fan community, thanks to his cartoonishly large biceps. (Apparently, gays aren't the only fans; witness this hilarious roundup of homoerotic comments by CBS analyst Phil Simms, including some drooling ones about Hochuli.)

Well, apparently Hochuli spends his off-seasons sitting at home, Googling himself. Witness this post from The World According To TMC, which contains a joke in the headline about Hochuli being on steroids. Three months after the post, Hochuli showed up in the comments — blog writer Tom McAllister confirmed Hochuli's identity by tracing the IP address to the law firm Hochuli works for — and started punching.

It shows how little you know about steroids to suggest that I use them. Anyone with any knowledge could tell by lookiing at me that I don t use anything like that. But you obviously don t concern yourself with the truth. You are only interested in advancing your own interests, even if that means falsely accusing someone of steriod use. I have never used steroids, growth hormones, or anything like them. I work very hard at mainting my physique, and it offends me when someone like you doesn t concern himself with finding the truth. Pretty sad on your part.

In case Hochuli Googles himself again over the next couple of months, let us note now that we do not believe Hochuli is on steroids. We bet he's bald under that little hat, though.

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