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Jackie Christie Says She Weighs Doug Christie's Balls To See If He's Been Cheating

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Doug Christie has been out of the NBA since 2005 (save for a 10-day contract with the Los Angeles Clippers in 2007), but his wife Jackie has been a fixture on VH1's Basketball Wives: LA since its inception in 2011. The couple’s relationship has been a matter of public performance since Christie’s days with the Toronto Raptors. When he was playing in Sacramento, Doug used to pantomime elaborate hand gestures during free throws as a tribute to Jackie. She claimed that their constant communication during games extended to her calling plays for him:

Jackie Christie said she and her husband began communicating with each other during games a while ago. ‘’When I make this sign, it means drive to the hole,’’ she said. ‘’When I make this sign, it means smile because you look a little sad on the bench. He started making this sign and said, ‘This means I love you,’ and it developed from there. It makes me feel real special.’’


Jackie apparently used to fly on the team’s charter flights and attend most Sacramento Kings road games. In order to stave off the temptations of infidelity, the Christies apparently stage a wedding every year, and Doug claims, “Every conversation I’ve ever had with a woman since we’ve been married besides my wife she knows about.”

Anyway, another way to ensure that Doug does not step outside the bonds of matrimony is to weigh his balls. Here’s a recent interview she gave in advance of her show’s new season. This is transparently an attempt to “drum up buzz” for the show, but it’s a funny anecdote regardless of the context.

There you have it. It’s unclear if this is a scientifically accurate method, but sure.

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