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Jacking Yourself UP!

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One of the excerpts from Game Of Shadows involves the authors claiming that because Bonds put on 15 pounds of muscle in three months, he must have been on steroids. (To be fair, this is one sentence in the book, and the only one we've seen so far that even slightly overreaches.) Baseball Musings took issue with that assertion, and now someone is trying to prove the authors wrong directly.

Trent McBride at Catallarchy is vowing that he will gain 15 pounds of muscle in the next three months without using a single steroids. We are strong supporters of participatory journalism like this, particularly when it results in possible disfigurement of the human body.


"On June 18, if I am not 15 pounds heavier (all in lean mass), I ll eat Barry Bonds syringe." We'll be watching.

"You Can t Gain 15 Pounds Of Muscle In 100 Days Without Drugs" [Catallarchy]

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