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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Jacqueline Gagne Is As Good At Commenting As She Is At Golf

Illustration for article titled Jacqueline Gagne Is As Good At Commenting As She Is At Golf

This woman is Jacqueline Gagne, and, according to her, she hit nine hole-in-ones in 16 months. This is what the kids call "impossible," and the outstanding Dave Kindred, in an epic piece for Golf Digest, completely debunks all her Tall Tales. But the story does not end there.


Kindred's story is on ESPN right now, and we'll say this: ESPN Conversation has finally provided a worthwhile moment. It appears someone who sounds an awful lot like Jacqueline Gagne is piping up in the comments.

Dr. Kindred why don't you tell people the truth. Like I said before she never asked for Media attention they came to her. I guess all the people with her lied.....all the other people writing articles about her calling for verification and spoke to witnesses made these stories up. So we are suppose to believe you and only you. Did you mention what a great golfer she is and I guess you think the hole in one she got on tape that is on TV etc is also a lie. Well Mr. Kindred hope you know that you have caused Mr. Gagne to get death threats. Hope you have a great life and sleep good at night and Golf Digest must be very proud of you. Did you get a raise for this sub-standard article......


We love that he called him "Doctor." If Ms. Gagne would like to comment here on Deadspin, we would like to cordially invite her.

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