Jaguars DT Marcell Dareus Has Been Accused Of Sexual Assault In Two Separate Lawsuits

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Photo: Logan Bowles (Getty Images)

Jacksonville Jaguars defensive lineman Marcell Dareus is currently facing two separate lawsuits that accuse him of sexual assault. Both anonymous plaintiffs—one woman from Las Vegas and another in Texas—say that Dareus had sex with them while they were blacked out or otherwise incapacitated. The Texas woman also stated that Dareus infected her with herpes.


The first lawsuit, which was initially filed back in December 2017, is from the Las Vegas woman. She was visiting Tampa when, she says, she met Dareus at a club, and later got invited to an afterparty at a mansion he was renting. At the mansion, Dareus aggressively came on to her:

Plaintiff states that Defendant, MARCELL DAREUS at some point while in the kitchen grabbed her breast and attempted to put his hands between her legs, which she resisted his advances and told him to stop, which he replied “you know I want you”.

The accuser says she blacked out shortly after, but woke up in bed with “her bra being turned inside out and breast exposed, her dress being pulled up around her waist, and panties being pulled to the side of her vagina area.” The lawsuit says Dareus was sleeping next to her, with his jeans and shirt on the floor.

The second lawsuit, filed on July 6, is less detailed about the context, but says that Dareus and his accuser went on a date in Houston before going back to his hotel room. According to the suit, the woman “woke up in physical pain and is unable to remember anything after ordering room service.” Dareus allegedly told that woman that they had had sex, but she could not remember, and she was diagnosed with herpes later that week.

Dareus is scheduled to appear in court for the first lawsuit on August 9. Both lawsuits are embedded below: