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Something quite remarkable happened in Pennsylvania yesterday.

I didn’t get my Zechuan sauce. They said it would be at the McDonald’s and I went all the way to the McDonald’s and they didn’t have it. I’m furious about my Sechwan sauce. This is how you treat people, sir? Mr. McDonald? I demand reparations and such reparations shall be delivered unto me. Failing that, my remedy shall be the sword. I spent all my damn money on gas to drive to the McDonald’s where they said the Setchwan sauce would be. The small remainder of my money was earmarked for buying the Satzuan sauce itself. Needless to say I appeared quite the boob as I cried softly in the parking lot of a far-flung McDonald’s restaurant, with neither gas in my tank nor Sitzwun sauce in my belly. As soon as I find my way home and purchase the Satchman sauce on an internet auction site, vengeance shall be mine.


The Jaguars beating the hell out of the Steelers? That was unremarkable.

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