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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Jaguars Junction: Week Three

Photo: AP
Photo: AP

Taking a knee?” Yes—in the end zone among other places.

For a touch down.

Fighting for freedom? Yep.
International representatives? Yep.
Showing England what’s football? Yep.
While also protesting police brutality, etc.? Yep.
Scoring touch downs and field goals? Yep.
Winning football game 44-7 in a blowout representing USA? Yep.
Shock to the “experts?” Yep.
“Jaguars Super Bowl” texts from “friends” who think it’s funny to say? Yep.
Whole lot of “friends” and “experts” eating their stupid words (about the Jaguars) now? Yep.
Jacksonville, Florida—largest U.S. city by land mass? Yep.
And there’s a brand new episode of hit podcast Food on Franklin to top it all off? Yep.


“The life of a Jaguars fan—pretty damn sweet!”- Unknown

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