Jalen Hurts breaks out, Falcons fold like two-ply tissue, and Chiefs look like 8th graders playing peewee

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Jalen Hurts has superstar potential.
Jalen Hurts has superstar potential.
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The end of the NFL season is right around the corner, which means that things are starting to get tight and the fight for playoff spots is intensifying.

We can focus largely on what happened on the field this week, because for once, the NFL didn’t run into major problems with COVID in Week 15.


So, let’s take a look at the main storylines and amazing plays Week 15 had to give us.

Eagles vs. Cardinals

Honestly, the main takeaway from this game had absolutely nothing to do with the final score.


Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts proved that he could be more than a serviceable starter in the league. The former FBS standout showed the world that he could be a star on this level as well.

While his team lost 33-26 against the much better Arizona Cardinals, Hurts totaled 401 total yards of offense and four touchdowns — three with his arm, one with his feet — as Philly battled with explosive weapons like Kyler Murray and DeAndre Hopkins.

Murray provided four touchdowns on his own for Arizona, throwing one of them to Hopkins who finished the day with nine catches for 169 yards.

What’s even crazier is that Hurts didn’t even play up to his full capability, he only completed 54 percent of his passes Sunday after completing 12/18 passes in the first half. He has a long way to go before he becomes great, but yesterday was about taking a look and seeing what Hurts’ true potential could be.


The Eagles are currently last in the NFC East, but they aren’t out of it yet as the conference is a mess. A few losses by their rivals could open the door for Philly to make a push into the playoffs, even with a disgruntled backup QB on the roster.

Buccaneers vs. Falcons

I’ll save you the details of this story because you’ve likely heard it before.

The Atlanta Hummingbirds gave up another late-game lead on Sunday.

The Parakeets had a 24-7 lead in the middle of the third quarter before squandering a chance for victory once again. After that point, the Dodo Birds allowed Tom Brady and the Bucs to go on a 24-3 run to end the game.


Watching the Cockatoos continuously screw up games down the stretch has to be emotionally exhausting for their fanbase. It also can’t be good for their physical or mental health.

I would venture to say that watching a Falcons game may be worse for your health than eating a gas station Tuna melt.


No one deserves to see this level of ineptitude. Atlanta, your fanbase doesn’t deserve to see you guys fold in an orderly fashion like a travel brochure every time you get a double-digit lead late in a football game.

What makes this one worse was that they let the same guy do it to them again. Obviously, Brady led the 28-3 comeback victory over ATL in the Super Bowl a few years ago, but for him to do it this organization again may be more disrespectful than your homeboy roasting you in front of a girl you like.


Will the Ostriches ever fix their late-game troubles?

I’d highly doubt it.

Chiefs vs Saints

This was a very entertaining game between two Super Bowl contenders.

The Chiefs pretty much controlled the entire game from the opening kickoff. The Saints took the lead once in the third quarter following a Drew Brees touchdown pass to Latavius Murray, but the Chiefs would gain control back quickly with a beautiful pass from Patrick Mahomes to Mecole Hardman in the end zone.


The Chiefs would go on to win 32-29. Neither quarterback was very efficient in this game. Neither guy was able to complete over 55 percent of their passes, Brees was 15-34 in his first game back from suffering broken ribs and a collapsed lung. Despite Brees’ three touchdown passes, the Hall of Fame quarterback looked shakier than a baby’s rattle on Sunday. Brees failed to complete his first six passes, the worst start to any game in his career. It was clear that he wasn’t 100 percent.


Mahomes would also finish with three touchdowns on the day as he tries to solidify himself as the league’s MVP once again.

The Chiefs look too powerful for anyone to match up with for four quarters. What makes this team so good is that they can beat very good teams by playing a C+ game. I don’t even believe that this Chiefs squad has cracked the surface of what it could do to teams.


The Bills and Titans may be the AFC’s only hopes to dethrone these guys, and even if those teams play their absolute best, it’s going to take Kansas City helping them out a little bit.