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Maybe you’re a real smart guy who predicted that last year’s trip to the AFC Championship game was going to go down as more of an aberration for this era of Jaguars football rather than a sign of things to come. But nobody could have been prepared for Jacksonville’s defense, the unanimous Best Defense In The NFL, getting torn apart by Dak Prescott and the Cowboys in Week 6.

The Cowboys beat the Jags 40-7 yesterday, and no matter how damaging the presence of Blake Bortles can be to a team, the responsibility for a loss like that falls squarely on the defense. This is a unit that looked good in through the first four weeks of the season, but markedly less good in the last two games. Based on Jalen Ramsey’s postgame comments from yesterday, the frustration is mounting:


For those not counting at home, that’s six “I don’t knows,” one “Yeah, we’ll see,” one “That don’t matter,” and one “We ain’t playing like it.” So, you know, he’s feeling great.

If there’s a reason for the Jags to feel hopeful it’s that the rest of the AFC South is a collection of severely ass-y teams. Bortles is the sort of wound that isn’t healing anytime soon, but if the Jags’ defense can get some things figured out and revert to something approaching last season’s form, they’ll have a substantial advantage over the rest of the division. Things may not look good now, but what would you bet on: Jalen Ramsey and the rest of those stars tightening things up or the Titans and Texans becoming good football teams?

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