Jalen Ramsey Showed Up At Jaguars Camp In The Back Of An Armored Truck

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Jacksonville cornerback Jalen Ramsey was only half-joking when he tweeted in June, “Imma ask for so much money, they have to put me on lay-away.” Ramsey had just been informed that the Jaguars won’t give him a contract extension this year, and will play out the fourth year of his rookie contract for just $3.63 million. He’s still another three or four seasons from free agency, thanks to the fifth-year option and the franchise tag.


Ramsey vowed he wouldn’t hold out, but he also wouldn’t hold back. He arrived at training camp today in the back of an armored truck, surrounded by (prop?) bags of money.

He even brought his own hypeman:

“Y’all know what time it is! This man covers so good, he could have his own cell phone service. The man so good they’re finna give him his own jail: Jalen Towers, because these receivers are on 24-hour lockdown. If you check his pocket, he’s got eight Master Locks in his pocket. They’re on lockdown all season. The man, the myth, Jalen Ramsey!”

This is very good, because anything that makes pro sports more like pro wrestling is good. And the Jaguars’ front office, and management’s fartcatchers in the fan base and media corps, can’t even complain about Ramsey, because at least he’s here. Unlike DE Yannick Ngakoue, also in the last year of his rookie contract, who is holding out for a new deal. Ngakoue said he won’t report to camp without one—or perhaps he’s just working on his entrance.

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