James Dolan And His Dopey Band Went On TV And Things Got Awkward

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James Dolan went on Good Day New York this morning to talk about his corny-ass blues band and play multiple(!) songs in studio. He was on the show for so long, but the highlight of his appearance was when co-anchor Rosanna Scotto couldn't remember the name of Dolan's band while introducing them for the last song. After the ensuing awkwardness, everyone sang some dumb shit and Dolan blew on a kazoo.

Also, we can't overlook Dolan's interview segment, in which he explained his life-long love affair with music and oh my God get a load of this schmuck:


The rolled up sleeves, the fedora, the "I'm just a relaxed and cool dude" sitting pose—these are all the trappings of a high school principal desperately trying to convince a room full of kids that he is not lame.

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