If Pittsburgh had an ocean: Pro Bowl surfers might be the only people bummed about the game no longer being played in Hawaii. [Mondesi's House]

Spring is here?: You can tell that baseball fans are getting antsy for spring training, when they start blogging love letters to Bob Uecker. Split squads can't get here fast enough! [Miller Park Drunk]

Best Cubs Highlight Ever: Did I say they were "getting antsy"? Because I meant "losing their minds." [Home Run Derby]

Janitor!: High school kid shatters backboard. High school kid's future grandchildren shatter eardrums to avoid hearing the story again. [Sox and Dawgs]

I said "sweep the leg": No. 1 high school girls team in the country faces horrible, under-(wo)manned opponent, yet chooses not to humiliate them by 100 points. Kreese would be so disappointed. [Examiner]