Twelve weeks ago, Steelers linebacker James Harrison documented one of his random PED tests on Instagram. It wasn’t very incisive; he showed his followers where he pissed and who watched him to make sure he wasn’t using someone else’s pee. He was tested again this week, but this time around, he received pushback from the drug testers on filming.

The clip from three months ago:


When selected for a random PED test yesterday, Harrison said he was told by director of NFL PED testing Ryan Willis of Drug Free Sport that he could not take video. If he did, the test would not be counted, and would be considered positive:

Harrison didn’t push back, but he said he talked to the NFLPA head DeMaurice Smith to figure out what he could do:


In another Instagram post earlier today, Harrison said that he didn’t care about being tested for PEDs, or how it was done, but wondered why he couldn’t record it for “behind the scenes content”:

To clarify - I never have a problem being tested. I wasn’t videoing the test because I was suspicious of the process. I was only videoing leading up to the actual test to post it on IG for what I think is interesting behind the scenes content for the fans, which I had done when I was tested earlier this year, with no notice of wrongdoing. If the league can invade our space and interrupt our preseason training with shows like Hard Knocks because it’s interesting behind the scenes content for the fans, why can’t I post this?