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Janay Rice Says Ravens Told Her To Apologize At That Press Conference

The first half of a two-part interview with Ray and Janay Rice aired on this morning's episode of the Today Show. Ray Rice wasn't present for this portion of the interview, and instead we saw Matt Lauer conduct a sit-down with Janay and her mother. The most revelatory part of the conversation was when Janay revealed that it was the Ravens who suggested she publicly apologize for the "role she played" in her own beating, and that the team gave her and Ray a "general script" of what to say at that disastrous press conference in May.


You can see that part of the interview in the video above, but here's a transcription:

Lauer: Did you want to be a part of that press conference?

Rice: I was ready to do anything that was going to help the situation.

Lauer: When you say, "Help the situation." Help Ray and his career?

Rice: Both. Help the way we looked in the media. Help his image. Help, obviously, his career. So they told us earlier that week that we would do the press conference, and I was fine with it.

Lauer: And did anyone at the Ravens say, "Janay, it would be really good if you issued some kind of apology."

Rice: They suggested it, yes.

Lauer: Did they come up with the wording?

Rice: No, not specifically. They basically gave us a general script.

Rice went on to say that she would have never participated in the press conference if the Ravens hadn't urged her to attend, and that she "completely understood" the public backlash to her apology.