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Jason Babin Is Spending His Offseason Messing With Giant, Angry Mammals

Pro Bowl lineman Jason Babin missed the start of Eagles OTAs because he was stuck in Alaska, shooting at bears and just being a man. He was somewhere in the Frozen North hunting brown bear when a storm rolled in, making it impossible to fly back to Pennsylvania on time.

He never actually did kill any bears (the photo is from a previous, more successful hunting trip). So what did Babin do during the extra few days he was stranded by the weather?


Feeding his primal heart of darkness is a natural hobby for a guy whose day job is to smash other humans into paste. But perhaps that testosterone tank isn't quite topped off. Since Babin will have some more time between OTAs and the formal start of training camp, of course he's going to go run with the bulls in Pamplona.


He says he's ready for it—"I broke the tape down like game film"—but are the Eagles? Statistically the Running of the Bulls is not particularly dangerous for participants, but as far as risks go, it's among the least necessary. Of course, Babin needn't go any farther than his own locker room to see that non-football injuries only put his own paycheck at risk.

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