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Jason Babin Was Cleared For An MRI Because He Finally Took A Shit

Philadelphia Eagles defensive end Jason Babin strained his calf on Saturday, and while the team right away announced he would be out for about a week, they wanted Babin to undergo an MRI, just to be sure. One problem: Babin had been administered a pill that functions as an internal thermometer, so the MRI would have to wait until ... well, let's let the Philadelphia Inquirer explain:

[The thermometer pill] rests in a player's stomach, and a device then is used to gauge a player's core temperature based on the reading of the internal thermometer.

The process helps the team's training staff examine how a player is responding to the heat. Babin was, by coincidence, one of more than two dozen players to use one Saturday, when he suffered the injury. The pill must be expelled from Babin's system, so whenever that happens, Babin can undergo the MRI for the calf strain.


Babin, in a spirit of openness, tweeted his progress Sunday night:


And, early this morning, Babin let the shit hit the fans:


This has been your Jason Babin poop report.

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