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Jason Day Is A Trailblazer, Makes "Uranus" Joke At PGA Tournament Press Conference

Photo Credit: Sam Greenwood/Getty

As children, generally, we receive plenty of chances to make jokes about Uranus. Science class! Planetarium field trip! Literally any time any one says anything about the solar system! As an adult? Not so much. If you are the type of adult who enjoys making Uranus jokes and you have the good fortune to stumble upon an opportunity, you’ve simply got to take it, no matter what the audience, because who knows the next time you’ll be so lucky? This is the strategy that golfer Jason Day, at least, seems to subscribe to.

Day made what appears to be the PGA Championship’s first Uranus joke at a tournament press conference today. (I cannot easily fact-check this, but, you know, I feel pretty confident about it!) His chance came when asked about the telescope that he received as a gift from last year’s champion, Jimmy Walker, who is also a space photographer who’s sold his pictures to NASA. Walker gave all previous tournament winners a telescope this week, and so Doug Ferguson of the Associated Press to ask Day, “You received a telescope as a gift last night. Have you ever used one? What do you think of it?”


To which Day responded... “Can probably see Uranus from here, mate.” He laughed quite a bit. Everyone else, not so much.


He is correct. You CAN see Uranus from here.

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