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We find it incredibly strange that Jason Giambi is, once again, back at the forefront of the drugs-in-baseball debate. After all, has there ever been a more effective advertisement for the benefits of performance enhancing drugs than Jason Giambi?

When the Yankees lost the World Series in 2001, they responded by signing Giambi to a seven-year, $120 million deal even though, by then, anyone with even a modicum of intelligence figured he was using steroids. Nobody cared, though, because he hit a shitload of home runs, and when you hit a shitload of home runs, someone will give you a guaranteed seven-year contract in the nine digits. When news of Giambi's BALCO grand jury testimony broke, the Yankees explored every option possible to drop his contract, not because they were embarrassed, but because he wasn't hitting and looked lethargic. So, the guy starts doing greenies. Suddenly ... he's energized again, and hitting again. Steroids become less of an issue; after all, he's hitting. He gets to keep his contract, keep his job and sign women's breasts.


We cannot work ourselves up about this new "revelation" that Giambi tested positive for amphetamines. Yes, sure, we all knew he was on something the whole time. If we knew $120 million was on the line, we'd do steroids and amphetamines too. Jesus, who wouldn't?

Jason Giambi Speeds Toward Disaster [Steroid Nation]

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