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Illustration for article titled Jason Peters Pulled Himself Out Of Eagles Loss To Avoid Risk Of Injury

The Philadelphia Eagles needed to beat Washington at home last night to stay in playoff contention. They did not, despite Kirk Cousins briefly forgetting how to play football, and they’re now certain to finish the season below .500 for the first time in Chip Kelly’s tenure. Obviously, the Eagles were pretty frustrated after failing to make the playoffs for the second season in a row, and franchise left tackle Jason Peters decided that without the carrot of the ‘yoffs in front of him, risking his health wasn’t worth it.


Peters suffered a back injury earlier this year that is reportedly degenerative and at 33, his body probably can’t take much more football. He’s rested like this before (against the Bucs) and he’s also refused to dress as a backup. Peters has said he’ll probably finish his career as a guard, and with the 8-time Pro Bowler losing mobility pretty quickly, he could probably use some rest.

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