Jason Pierre-Paul Dumps Prince Amukamara Into An Ice Bath, Sports Writer Loses His Ever-Loving Mind

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I wish I could tell you this video, that ProFootballTalk posted during the Giants thrashing of the Jets is cause for "concern" in the New York Giants "locker room." Nothing would make me happier than to sit here and pound out a paragraph that suggests the Giants are on the verge of a team meltdown because Jason Pierre-Paul "bullied" Prince Amukamara. A paragraph kind of like this, say:

Punter Steve Weatherford posted a video to Twitter that shows defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul carrying cornerback Prince Amukamara through the Giants' facility and tossing him recklessly into a cold tub, with no regard for the possibility that one (or two) of the team's key defensive players could get hurt.

Tossing him recklessly! With no regard! Possibility! Key. Defensive. Players. Hurt! It's almost too much to bear. Yet I feel confident the Giants will be OK. They will weather this storm and since one teammate tossing his fellow defender into a cold tub while everyone guffawed did not completely obliterate the Giants, it will still serve a purpose: "The Giants really bonded and got through some tough times this summer. It made them a stronger team and prepared them for the tough road ahead. It's a major reason they are back here at the Super Bowl."


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