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Jason Pierre-Paul Was Told He'd Lose His Entire Hand

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In a new, wide-ranging interview with the New York Post that’s mostly about Jason Pierre-Paul’s family and his cute son, JPP revealed how close he was to losing not just a series of fingers, but his whole right hand:

Q: You were afraid that he would cut the whole hand off?

A: Yeah. Even the doctors counted me out. They were like, “Yeah, we’re gonna have to cut his whole hand off” and, you know …

Q: Before you passed out, that’s what you heard them saying?

A: Yeah. “I don’t think we’ll be able to save it.” I knew that that wasn’t the best hospital to be at.


From the way he tells it, he passed out in the hospital unsure of whether or not he’d wake up with a right hand. That’s wild!

Through it all, JPP was remarkably calm for someone who’d just blown up their income source:

Q: When the incident first happened, how scary was it for you?

A: It wasn’t scary at all. I just went straight to the hospital. Didn’t panic, no nothing, I just went straight to the hospital.


Q: How painful was it?

A: It wasn’t painful at all. It was no pain, no nothing at the time. I was just like, “I gotta get my hand treated.”

Q: Was there a lot of blood?

A: Yeah, I think it was. I lost a lot of blood, yeah.

You can read the whole interview at the New York Post.

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