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If you happen to be reading this from London, hey there! Put another shrimp on the barbie! Konichiwa! Bellisimo! No me importa un pimiento! Elcome-way oo-tay ee-thay ational-Nay ootball-Fay eague-Lay!

Ahem. Anyway, with the Giants and the Dolphins squaring off in London this Sunday, the NFL is promoting it by putting a huge freaking statue of Jason Taylor in the middle of downtown.

The formidable animatronic, the biggest animated human figure ever built at 26ft, is a 'world first' and has been specially created by an award winning team at London-based SFX Company Artem Ltd, as part of an experiential marketing campaign undertaken on behalf of the NFL by Not Actual Size.

Remarkably, this feat of engineering has taken just under 10 weeks to construct, with a team of more than 40 people working round the clock to build the superstructure in time for its official unveiling in Trafalgar Square on Monday 22nd October.

A specially adapted camera is fitted to the helmet of Big JT and is programmed to transmit images of what Jason 'sees' onto a 40ft LED screen which travels behind him. Big JT also reacts to footage of himself and team mates played on the screen - cheering touchdowns and tough tackles.


We're sorry: This is absolutely fucking terrifying. A 23-foot tall robotic Jason Taylor that "reacts to footage of himself and team mates played on the screen?" Sweet God: It's like Godzilla, only with smoother skin!

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