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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Jason Whitlock Continues To Go After Selena Roberts

Illustration for article titled Jason Whitlock Continues To Go After Selena Roberts

Jason Whitlock is mercilessly destroying Selena Roberts for her A-Rod book. First it was in his Kansas City Star column, calling her untrustworthy thanks to her Duke lacrosse coverage. Now, the Dan Patrick show...


Whitlock took his legitimate concern about her book's sourcing and then, once again, turned the conversation back toward the arena where he's most comfortable: Unhinged lunacy. In the span of a ten minute interview, Whitlock characterized Roberts as a person who "does not understand men that well" and then haphazardly likens her to Al Sharpton, for reasons I still don't quite understand, all stemming from the idea that she's written a book that used some not-so-journalism-y practices.

Whitlock's main contention is that Selena's book shouldn't be discussed by the likes of Patrick and Costas and that "she needs to be on 1st and 10 with Skip Bayless" instead, due to the gossipy nature of "The Many Lives Of Alex Rodriguez."


Plus? She has a hidden agenda. And people with hardcore agendas should not be trusted. Hmmm.

"We're being asked to trust someone who is hardcore feminist. [T]o me she's almost no different than Al Sharpton."

And why did she write the book?

"I think she write the book to be make money. [She's] playing by celebrity gossip book rules, we're reacting to it like it's Woodward and Bernstein but it's not," Whitlock said.


Then, mysteriously, the conversation veered off into what-about-Dan territory where Whitlock hypothesized that since Patrick (and Olbermann) were "big fish on campus" (ha) at ESPN, that if a book were ever written about some of the conjecture and hearsay surrounding their time at Bristol, they wouldn't like it too much. Then the show mysteriously cuts off.

Yeah. That would suck if something like that was in the works.

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