Jason Whitlock Is Trying To Get America Working Again, And You Are Ungrateful

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Way back in August, during his Last Stand In Kansas City, Jason Whitlock told radio host Nick Wright that "Democracy's almost already dead."

Now, in search of an intern, he sees Lady Liberty's corpse baking on the shoulder of I-15, somewhere outside of Vegas.


His tweets from this evening, in chronological order:

Finally getting an asst/intern. 8-10 bucks an hour. Need to be college educated aspiring journalist who lives n LA. Email ballstate68@aol

I started at $5 an hour. I'm looking for someone passionate who wants it. I started at the bottom.

You can see what's wrong w/America by some of the responses. People think this shit is easy and should be handed to them.

I lived in a 1-room efficiency w/roaches my first year out of college.... Keep watching MTV and VH1 and the un-reality shows.


Are you applying for the Whitlock Internship? Heard anything yet? Hit a fellow intern back. (And, please, don't whine about the money.)

UPDATE: He tweeted about hiring a part-time stripper. But it was a joke! Don't quit, baby Whitlocks.