Javon Walker's Reckless Champagne Spraying Habits May Have Led To His Cold-Cocking, Some Say

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TMZ is now running photos of Walker seemingly in the middle of his $15,000 champagne splashdown party, and the site also suggests that he may have doused the wrong patron with his pink bubbly, which, as we all know, is an offense that may result in an overnight hospital stay with an orbital fracture.

The photos were first spotted by the crafty Unsilent Majority at KSK, who also took the time to cull the message board rumors and ended with this wild speculation about why Walker possibly got his face smashed — Floyd Mayweather:

You see, Vegas is Money May's town, and when he's giving his people a champagne shower you really shouldn't try to upstage the recently retired pound-for-pound champion. According to message boards, the only source less reliable than those ne'erdowell bloggers, Walker thought he could outdo Mayweather, who reportedly went through 50 bottles of Cristal. As the story goes, somebody (or bodies) from Mayweather's group of friends ran into Walker later that evening morning and gave him the old "keep your ugly fuckin' goldbrickin' ass out our desert community" speech. I can safely say that Mayweather himself was not personally responsible for any assault seeing as how he's yet to surface at any area hospitals with a broken hand.


And that's how a bill becomes a law...

Anyway, for the latest updates on Walker's status and more unfounded rumor-mongering about all this, hit up Florio, who is, of course, covering this from every angle, real or imagined.


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