Javy Báez is magic

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Screenshot: Marquee Sports Network

Maybe Javy Báez is a magician after all.

With two outs (again: TWO OUTS) and a runner on second in the top of the third, Báez hit a routine grounder over to third base.

Bummer. You know the drill. Jog to first base, take your gloves off, maybe toss your helmet if you’re feeling extra frustrated. You’re out. Better luck next time!


Except that didn’t happen. Like… at all.

I’ll let the tape talk.


All Pirates first baseman Will Craig had to do was step on first. THAT’S IT! INNING OVER! What the hell was he thinking? Forget the runner on second, forget Báez and step on first. YOU HAD ONE JOB!

For those keeping score, that’s another run on the board for the Cubs, two errors, and one of the most bizarre fielder’s choice fuckups you’ll ever see.

The best part of the video, though, is when Báez acts as an extra umpire at home. Did you notice when he motioned “safe” as Willson Contreras scored? Both feet were still on the ground when he probably realized, “wait, I can still run!” Two slides later, he’s at second base.

“I’m safe, right?” you can see him mouth to the umpire, not totally sure of what just happened.


Hell, I didn’t know what happened after watching that video the first time. I’ve had the clip on loop since I started writing.

Chicago would score two more runs later in the inning.

I’ve certainly never seen anything like that before. You probably haven’t either.