Jay Cutler Returns: Your NFL Early Games Viewing Guide

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Week 12 continues right now for those of you still holding on to the football season. For the rest of us, there are Christmas movies I guess.

Minnesota at Chicago (FOX): Jay Cutler is a jerk. 'Nuff said.


Oakland at Cincinnati (CBS): Carson Palmer makes his triumphant return to Paul Brown stadium. After forcing his way out of town, Palmer has the surging Raiders relevant again as he looks to beat up on the the disappointing Bengals. A move that generations will look back on as the turning point of both franchises, the Palmer trade will go down in histor—[alarm clock goes off, Palmer hits snooze]

Pittsburgh at Cleveland (CBS): Charlie Batch gets the start for the Steelers. After reading sentences like this, I just don't have it in me to read any more about the Browns.

The Browns sacked Dallas' Tony Romo seven times last week, but the safe bet here is that Batch won't be asked to air it out in what should be a low-scoring game played in inclement weather.


Buffalo at Indianapolis (CBS): Fred Jackson returns but C.J. Spiller will remain the starter for the Bills. For the second time this year, Chuck Pagano will be on hand for the game and there appears to be an outside chance that he could return to the team in a limited capacity should the Colts make the playoffs.

Denver at Kansas City (CBS): Brady Quinn will be the Kansas Chiefs starting quarterback today. The Chiefs will be 1-10 in a few hours.


Seattle at Miami (FOX): Seattle has only one win on the road. Is it youth? Coaching? The double whammy effect of being sequestered in the Pacific Northwest so traveling to and from there is a nightmare? Maybe it's the Sydney Opera House stadium. Who knows—Dolphins win.

Atlanta at Tampa Bay (FOX): If I were a betting man, I would bet on Matt Ryan throwing five more interceptions today. Right? I mean, in betting you want to make a lot of money and the best money comes from unlikely things, right? I don't know. Either I don't understand gambling, or I don't understand idioms.


Tennessee at Jacksonville (CBS): Jacksonville: still an NFL franchise.

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