• With a song in his heart: ESPN's Jay Harris knows how to croon. And don't you forget it. [Don Chavez]

Unless it's actually Andy Katzenmoyer: To whoever still owns the Andy Katzenmoyer Patriots Jersey: Keep living the dream, man. [Major League Jerk]

• Head scratcher: The MagicJack St. Petersburg Bowl? Really? Really? [The Grand National Championships]

• Born to coach: Reggie Theus to Arizona? I was thinking more Rutgers women's team, but maybe he can combine them into one squad. [Fanster]


• Same time, next year: Wait, Brett Favre might retire? I didn't realize he was still playing. [Inside Handshake]

• Like watching paint choke: The Wrigley Field ice rink webcam. Enjoy. [Mouthpiece]