Jay Mariotti Is Even More Ready For His Close-Up

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Morning, Spinheads. Let's start this lovely Saturday with a little mini "Deleted Scenes"-like goodness courtesy of a reader who supposedly bumped into the dapper Fanhouse columnist last night at an NBA All-Star fete.


At an all-star weekend party at the "w"...saw Mariotti with a semi-cute blonde and tried to get a good picture and failed. My friend was blatently drunk enough to flat out ask him if it was ok to take a picture with him and he said he couldn't because "he just had botox and can't be on the internet". I have 4 people that can confirm the story. It was hysterical.


Funny quip or a rare showing of vulnerability? Or just typical Mariotti vanity? Hopefully, there will be some before-and-after screen-grabs from Jay's "Around The Horn" appearances this week so we can closely examine the absence of forehead wrinkles or the addition of fuller lips.

Let's warm up the engine. Tip me with your best snot and all that.