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Jayson Werth Meddled With The Nationals "Presidents Race" Again Today

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You have to hand it to Jayson Werth: If he's the least bit concerned about being 21 games behind the playoff-bound team he left last year for money, he's not showing it.

Just like last night, he got mixed up in the "Racing Presidents" race in D.C. Unlike last night, when he tried to help Teddy Roosevelt win one before the off-season commences, Werth actually "won" the race.

Per "Let Teddy Win" ...

After clearing the way for Teddy, Werth could do nothing but watch as Teddy ended up face flat on the ground himself.

With Teddy on the ground, and every contestant now down the for count, one bullpen pitcher could be seen pounding the outfield wall in frustration. Werth could only watch, and finally turned and crossed the finish line himself, arms outstretched.

It's great to see Werth take things into his own hands on behalf of Teddy. Now Teddy just needs to take the ball and make something happen.

Sunday is Fan Appreciation Day, and marks the last presidents race of the season.


Wrote tipster Shannon, "You gotta love a team leader trying to change a team's past losing attitude. The Nationals love him for it. And tomorrow's should be memorable."


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